Game buffet - Hovden Resort in Norway

Game buffet

We invite you to our popular Game buffet at Hovden Høyfjellshotell 4 weekends in September/October every year. 

This is a good opportunity to combine gastronomic pleasures with walks in the mountains. Experience the beautiful fall colours and the fresh mountain air. 

Some of our usual items on the menu ...

Different types of herring, cognac marinated salmon, Arctic char mousse, smoked trout, aquavit marinated venison, baked game pâté, roast beef from reindeer, deer and moose, moose tartar, venison Carpaccio, venison mousse, venison rump steak, reindeer thigh, filet of hare, breast of wood pigeon, pheasant, reindeer heart, fried mountain trout, mushroom sauce, freshly mixed lingonberries, apple cake, blueberry pie, cloudberry cream, homemade caramel pudding and cloudberry parfait.

Just to name a few :)

Contact us to reserve a table or an overnight package!

+47 37 93 88 00